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Remodeling in Orlando, FL

Adding curb appeal to the old Ranch Style home with exterior paint

Remodeling in Orlando, FL

Changing the old vanity out for a new one, adding a modern back splash and voila!

Remodeling in Orlando, FL

don't be scared about old wood paneling, paint can give them a new life and look!

Home Staging in Orlando, FL

by renting furniture and adding a fresh paint color, the room transformed big time and made it appealing to buyers!

Remodeling in Orlando FL

again, exchange old for new and it will sell!

More pictures and quick updates are displayed on our Facebook Page:

Please visit us there for more info. Thank you.
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Home Staging Living Area
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Home Staging Dining Table Setting
Home Staging Kitchen
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Home Staging Master Bedroom
Home Staging Dining Room
Home Staging Bathroom
Home Staging Dining Area
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Home Staging Dining Room
Home Staging open plan dining/living
Home Staging Living Area
Home Staging Master Bathroom
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