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Your business premises are the first impression Your clients

getting to see, make them a good one.

 Interior Design and Redesign for

Commercial Spaces

Commercial Spaces Interior Design


We here to help you to create your Business Interior Design and to stand out from your competitors. As a Kitchen Designer for over 18 years, I was lucky to also design for commercial applications like Condo Developments with a variety of different kitchen options, staying within the budget and delivering the best design and functionallity to all of them.
This experience prepared me for the unique challenge one will find in designing for businesses and commercial settings.
Back in Spain I was also asked to assist in sourcing furniture for a small Spa like Boutique Hotel. My scope of work included to bring the tranquil feel of an Asian inspired theme into the spaces and creating an oasis for the guests to relax and chill out.
Most of the furniture was sourced directly from Indonesia and brought to Spain especially for this project.
Just recently I had the pleasure to work on a corporate identity for a medical therapist to design the reception area.
Our design approach is always to stay budget friendly and achieving the most impact with it, so if you are a small business owner (just like we), please let us know what you need and we will help you creating it.
Commercial Interior Design
  • Hotels

  • Offices

  • Shops

  • Restaurants

  • Stores

  • etc.

Commercial Interior Design
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