Should you update your home?

I came across an article written by a Realtor from Texas,, entitled "Does the Price always reflect the condition?" Mr. Newman hit the nail on the head when he said:

"it takes a special kind of buyer to take on a major project of completely remodeling a whole home from the roof to the foundation. It's even a challenge for some buyers to change the color of the paint on the walls, let alone, make major changes with remodeling the kitchens, bathrooms, and all the flooring throughout the whole home. My advice to sellers would be to make cost effective updates to an older home that will give your home a chance to compete with the nicer looking homes in your neighborhood,"

How do you know which updates will get you the most return on investment? This is where a Professional Home Stager can save you time and money. By analyzing your home and comparing it to other houses that are currently on the market that are similar in size, features, and price (your competition), a Professional Home Stager can help you invest those dollars to make the most impact and get your property SOLD.

Don't spend money you don't need to spend. And remember, the investment in Staging is ALWAYS less than your first price reduction."


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