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Why do I think of myself more like a Home Fixer than a Home Stager

For me Home Staging is not just a simple putting furniture in an already nice space. It is more about how can I get the best out of a difficult to sell home by rearranging spaces, sometimes a slight remodeling, giving a new life to it and after that arranging nice furniture and decoration to it to make it shine. My understanding of the Real Estate market and to find the right arrangement for the target market helps my clients to achieve their goals and finally selling their homes. For starters, I'm not only quoting for a job, I speak to the client, the realtor and doing a research on the area to get a feeling for it and giving my recommendations based on these factors. A comprehensive consultation report gives every client a deep insight on the possibilities to enable them to make the choices they feel comfortable with.

Filling a place with nice furniture is just the tip of the Iceberg you see. Before the end result, there is a lot of work involved to give the place a good flow, the choice of colors and sometimes giving a kitchen or bathroom a new life. Home Staging to me is more like Home Fixing and it needs an experienced eye to find the right balance. It is all about pointing a buyer in the right direction, without over powering their own choices and preferences. You want to talk about it? Please don't hesitate to call me. I will always take time for you.

No job is too small and there is no limit for us. We cater for every client with the same aim to deliver results and fixing their problem.

To work with the client and fixing their problem with new ideas and making their homes standing out from the crowd. Giving all my experience and knowledge to the job and working with every budget to give not only the best, but challenging myself to do even more. My reward is a satisfied client and the feeling I gave it all.

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