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How to sell "old inventory" with the help of a Home Stager

Before updating

After updating and staging

There are these homes which wouldn't sell in every agents/brokers inventory. But why?

The reasons may be different ones and some may not be fixable, but one thing is certain most of them can be fixed.

Before you think now, well let's talk to the owner and lower the asking price, please think again.

Home owners will be more open to make improvements to the listing when they realize that nothing is moving. You can stop the price spiralling down by suggesting to finally get a professional Home Stager in to evaluate what can be done to bring the listing back to life.

I had numerous cases like this, when finally the home owner was opening up to the suggestion of getting a professional Home Stager to help the property bringing back onto the right path.

In some of the cases it was necessary to improve and update areas before staging, sometimes not.

If we have to get repairs/updates on the way (mostly kitchen and bathrooms), than we would recommend to take the listing off for that time and bringing it back after the home is updated and staged with new pictures, an open house and a brokers open, making a lot of noise and present the new product to the MLS.

Before the end result, there is a lot of work involved to give the place a good flow, the choice of colors and sometimes giving a kitchen or bathroom a new life. Home Staging to me is more like Home Fixing and it needs an experienced eye to find the right balance.

To work with the client and fixing their problem with new ideas and making their homes standing out from the crowd. Giving all my experience and knowledge to the job and working with every budget to give not only the best, but challenging myself to do even more. My reward is a satisfied client and the feeling I gave it all.

A good move for a "dated" property would be to bring rental furniture in which updates the look and showcases the potential of the home.

A good Home Stager will know how to best approach and revive the "dead" listing to help both the agent/broker and the home owner to get the property back on track and SOLD.

Take it this way, an initial consultation fee is little to pay, to have a set of professional eyes on a problematic listing and helps to cure the problem. With this thought I will leave you and invite you to take me up on my words and consult me or any other Home Stager in your area to start a dialouge to see how we can help your "old inventory" on the way.

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