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5 Tips on how to create successful marketing when selling your home!

I'm just coming back from a Home Staging consultation with a client who had their home on the market for 6 month without any success of selling it. Actually this said the home is quiet nice, tidy and well kept. So where is the problem?

Well, for starters, the web presence is very poor, the pictures do not show the actual situation (the owners furniture was shown, but they moved out and the house is vacant), even their furniture is of quality, it was too huge for the spaces, it did give the wrong impression to every buyer. Tailored to the sellers living situation, it will not give a buyer enough imagination how to use the spaces for themselves.

The pictures did also not give enough away regarding room size and how the flow goes.

The first impression a potential buyer gets from your property is to 90% via Internet and pictures have to show your home to the best and fullest to attract a buyer signing up for a viewing. Always remember that.

So, what can a home owner do to avoid all these pitfalls, when it comes to selling?

Let's take a minute and think about how big companies create the launch of a new product. They have a go-to-market strategy along with excellent marketing.

Selling your home is not different, your property is also a product and needs the same approach to successful marketing.. Mixing the right ingredients of marketing and a go-to-market strategy will make your property stand out from the competition.

So, how to apply these strategies when selling a property?

Here are 5 Tips every home owner should know and follow to be a successful seller:

Tip 1

Start. with seeking help from an expert Home Stager. to bring you on the right track in terms of what needs to be done to prepare your home for the market. They can provide recommendations for paint, repairs, upgrades, and even extend vendor discounts.

They can help you to present your property to it's best, occupied or vacant.

Tip 2

Hire a Top Realtor. All realtors are not created equally and run their businesses differently. You need a realtor that understands the importance of internet marketing and presentation. Beware if your realtor tries to rush you to list your home on the market before it is adequately prepared.

Tip 3

Prepare your home for the market! Preparation is KEY when getting your home ready to be listed. Today’s buyers do not want to do any extra work and want move in ready homes. Understand the way that buyers perceive a home; for example, a clean home is perceived as a well maintained home. Forgo offering allowances for repairs and upgrades; if the work needs to be done, do it BEFORE you list the house.

Tip 4

ONLY use Professional Photography. I repeat only use professional photography when putting your house for sale. Did you know that over 90% of buyers start their home search on the Internet? Good photos leave a lasting impression in the mind of buyers, and attract them to come see your home in person. I’m still very shocked at how many photographs on the MLS are of low quality. Professional photos are a simple way to gain a competitive advantage.

Tip 5

Launch with an Open House. To build anticipation and interest, your Realtor should host an Open House within the first 3 days that the home goes on the market. A good idea is to list the house on a Wednesday and host an Open House that weekend. Following up with a Broker's open, where your Realtor presents your home to other Realtors is equally important. A Realtor who had a tour through your house is more likely to remember it and to recommend it to a client.

And to finish up, here is Tip 6, follow up with your Realtor frequently about what's going on. A good Realtor will not be annoyed about it, quiet the opposite they will hold contact with you, being pro-active.

So, get the professionals in before you launch your property on the market and your chances of selling quicker and for a higher price going up immediately.

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