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Vacant Home Staging
Did you know, that a buyer rushes through an empty home in  about 10 minutes and spends  30-45 minutes in a staged one?

Make your home stand out from the competition and get your buyer excited about your property, help them to visualize themselves moving in and you are half way there to achieve a higher price and quicker closing for it.

On average, a vacant home sits on the market for 167 days before selling. Our company has a success rate of less than 40 days once we staged it.


Furniture and accessories are owned by us, making us very flexible in our pricing structure.


Let us help to inspire your buyers with our specialized vacant Home Staging Service!

Vacant Home Staging Process
  • In order to save you and us time and money, we ask you to provide pictures and details of the property to create a first, rough estimate. If the property is already listed, please send us the link.

  • After providing our initial estimate based on the pictures and talking to you about the cost and timeframe involved, we do an on-site consultation to adjust our quote and giving our final price.
    The on-site-consultation is included, if it results in a contract.
    Otherwise we have to charge a one hour fee of 150€, as we are giving a detailed walk and talk consultation during this event, which benefits the home owner

  • Design & Prep – 3-5 days. We carefully look at the buyer demographic, style of the house and the neighborhood to create a high impact look and feel that will appeal to buyers. Once the look is created, we pull/buy the furniture, accessories and wall art from our storage or source furniture especially for your property and load it into our trailer for stage day(s).

  • Staging Day(s) – 2-3 days. We set up each room to create a warm and inviting wow factor. Our staged homes have a rhythm and a flow that create the “model” home look and feel a buyer wants to see.

  • Photo Shoot –  1-2 hours. We provide panoramic pictures and an attention to detail that creates an on-line showcase of the home and using them for your listing.

  • Marketing – 1-2 hour. We help market your staged home on our social media and our website.

  • De-Staging – 1-2 days. We pack everything up, load it carefully into our trailer, bring it back to our storage, unload it, re-stock it and catalog it back into our inventory.    



What are the Benefits of hiring an Expert Home Stager?









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Service Area

Our Service Area is Malaga, Malaga Inland and Costa del Sol

Please ask if you're not sure - we will do our best!

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